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Prof. Howard Gardner, the Author of Multiple Intelligences, about Man's Eagerness to Find His Own Meaning

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Prof. Howard Gardner from Harvard University, famous for his Multiple Intelligences Theory, tries to find out why now, more than ever, we ask ourselves the big questions about life and the true meaning of our own existence...  Maybe it is a result of the pandemic? "Almost no one in the world was prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic - Prof. Gardner says. -  Suddenly, immediate and long-term plans have had to be scuttled; daily routines have been substantially altered for months, with no end in sight; we need to protect ourselves and others every waking hour; and, alas, many have lost their livelihoods and their security and some have lost their lives... " The world, as we have always known it, is no longer present. Everything is changing - social and business norms, policies and politics, rules and demands... Even climate is changing.  And so are we. The Old is gone, but the New is still developing, taking shape and taking place, leaving us with the feeling of incompleteness, insecurity, and instability. Leaving us, asking questions and searching for their answers... 

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