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A Special Place for Blog Lovers with a Touch of Science!

Norway banned two breeds of dogs

Credit : Gettyimages

English Bulldog and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will be forbidden in Norway

Norway prohibited two breeds of dogs – English Bulldog and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The reason is that their distinctive features, which make them sympathetic to human beings, cause them pain and suffering.

Oslo's court motivated its decision with the claim that their breeding inflicts aches and inherited sicknesses to their kind and that's not acceptable according to the Animal Protection Act.

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Cities are making mammals bigger

Urbanization is causing many mammal species to grow bigger. Credit: Photo courtesy of TexasEagle, CC-BY-NC 2.0

Readily available food in places packed with people may be the reason

A new study published in Communications Biology shows that urbanization is causing many mammal species to grow bigger, possibly because of readily available food in places packed with people.

The U.S. National Science Foundation-funded finding runs counter to scientists' hypothesis that cities would trigger mammals to get smaller over time. Buildings and roads trap and re-emit a greater degree of heat than green landscapes, causing cities to have higher temperatures than their surroundings, a phenomenon known as the "urban heat island" effect. Animals in warmer climates tend to be smaller than the same species in colder environments, a biological principle called Bergmann's Rule.

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Prof. Una Chaudhuri: Animals Show Us How Much We Still Need to Know, Not Only about Them but Also about Ourselves

image: pixabay.com


Prof. Una Chaudhuri talks about the book on animal studies and performance - "Animal Acts: Performing Species Today", published by University of Michigan Press. But Prof. Chaudhuri does not talk only about the book. Nor does she talk only about animals and their place in contemporary performance. What she talks about is how we think about animals, about ourselves and about the world we share. About the way animals are trying to create a connection, and the way we, humans, are trying to distort it. She talks about animals. But she actually talks about us…

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Sir David Attenborough Warns About the Connection between Animal Extinction and Pandemics

image: wikipedia.org

Extinction. The Facts

"Extinction. The Facts" is the new documentary by sir David Attenborough produced by BBC. It shows the shocking truth about the way mankind treats wild animal life, or, let's say it straight - the way we invade it, mess with it and destroy it. The film points out the inevitable result from all this - biodiversity loss, climate change, and... pandemics! The documentary predicts that if we don't change the course of our behavior, the pandemics will happen more often and may be even more devastating. Yet, it is all in our hands! In the hands in every one of us!

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