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A Special Place for Blog Lovers with a Touch of Science!

Re-THINK Courtyard House

Photo Credit: Edric Choo Poo Liang

Terrace house renovation in Sungai Buloh

Another brilliant example of Green Architecture from Edric Choo Poo Liang and the O2 Design Studio. Edric shares with us his insights on the project and the interesting ideas implemented in it.

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Why future homes could be made of living fungus

Scientists are exploring the possibilities of turning mycelium, the fungus that produces mushrooms, into a new type of building material. Image credit - Rob Hille/Wikimedia, licensed under CC SA3.0

Fungal buildings

In the summer of 2014 a strange building began to take shape just outside MoMA PS1, a contemporary art centre in New York City. It looked like someone had started building an igloo and then got carried away, so that the ice-white bricks rose into huge towers. It was a captivating sight, but the truly impressive thing about this building was not so much its looks but the fact that it had been grown.

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Cities that connect people and nature are a post-pandemic priority, conference hears

Greener spaces would allow children to be more connected with nature. Image credit – Nerea Marti Sesarino / Unsplas

Greener Cities

Care homes that let people age with integrity, green kindergartens and community centres that bring together people of all ages were some of the visions for how to build a better Europe presented by citizens from Estonia, Bulgaria, and Poland on 24 June at the European Commission's annual flagship research conference.

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A Vision for the Post-Pandemic City. Because Tomorrow Starts Today...

credit: 02 Design Atelier


A provocative and different approach by O2 Design Atelier towards the big question what the cities of tomorrow will look like, what our life will look like... For Covid-19 changed everything - the way we work, the way we rest, the way we live. It changed our priorities and our perceptions. It changed the way we see ourselves and the world around us. Covid-19 changed our needs and our demands, including the places which we inhabit. Thus, inevitably, it started changing our architecture... 

Have a look at this innovative and interesting concept. It has so much to tell! See the ideas that stand behind it. Look at the problems, pointed out, and at the suggestions, made for their solutions. Then share your thoughts with us. Share your thoughts with the community. Let's find the path that will help us build the cities of tomorrow. Together. 

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A Revolutionary Green Store by IKEA with 160 "Built-In" Trees and No Car Parking

Image: ikea.com

Sustainable Architecture for Sustainable Living... and Shopping

The world-known Swedish furniture company IKEA is building a revolutionary new store in Vienna, Austria. The main focus is sustainability and green design. The seven-story building (of 21 600 sq.m2) will have green facades, green roof-space and will have no car parking. And most important - it will have 160 trees planted  in the facades and on the roof. The goal is to help purifying the air in the neighborhood and also lowering the temperature in the building with at least 2 degrees Celsius. The store is expected to open its doors in 2021. 

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On this day, 963 years ago...

background image: pixabay.com

1 October 1507. Or Who Introduced Baroque into Architecture

On this day, 963 years ago,  the great Italian architect Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola was born. His most famous projects are Villa Farnese at Caprarola and the Jesuits' Church of the Gesu in Rome. The later, actually named Chiesa del Santissimo Nome di Gesu all'Argentina, is the first building with a true Baroque facade.  Vignola is one of the three architects that spread the Italian Renaissance through Western Europe (the other two are Serlio and Palladio). 

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