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A Special Place for Blog Lovers with a Touch of Science!

Emergency-response drones to save lives in the digital skies

Credit: Drone flying over Hong Kong cityscape; Gettyimages

The future of uncrewed aircrafts

Uncrewed aircraft responding to fire and medical emergencies will be used to save lives - if digitalised air-traffic control can help them navigate safely in the skies over Europe.

In a city in the future, a fire breaks out in a skyscraper. An alarm is triggered and a swarm of drones swoops in, surrounds the building and uses antennas to locate people inside, enabling firefighters to go straight to the stricken individuals. Just in the nick of time – no deaths are recorded.

Elsewhere in the city, drones fly back and forth delivering tissue samples from hospitals to specialist labs for analysis, while another rushes a defibrillator to someone who has suffered a suspected cardiac arrest on a football pitch. The patient lives, with the saved minutes proving critical.

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What Can't Be Predicted in Physic? – Seth Lloyd

Credit: Gettyimages

Why do we believe in Science?

Have you ever asked yourself: Why do we believe so blindly in science? Why is it that nowadays, we think scientific discourse holds the truth or at least is capable of disclosing it? Well, maybe you do not share this belief but it is nevertheless the predominant point of view in the 21st century and surely, it deserves some critical attention. Of course, there are many reasons and as many opinions why to believe in science. However, maybe the most attractive part of science, which is also undeniably beneficial and empowering for humankind, is the ability to predict.

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Immortality: Can we upload human consciousness?

Credit: Gettyimges

The modern world's situation

In 2021, we humans find ourselves in a fascinating though scary situation. More and more, we are developing our technologies, we have our scientific progress, we are spending more time in front of the computer than before anything else, we have almost immediate informational streams, social media, nano-chips, we are dreaming of going to Mars and so forth. However, on the other hand, we are still stuck in the same old problems, wars, famine, poverty, cruelty, and on top of it all, pollution, extinction of other species, deforestation. It's not enough that we are hurting each other but why not ruin our only home planet as well. For that reason, the topic of progress nowadays is quite ambiguous. For whom are we doing all these technological advancements? For future generations or just for the sport?

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3 mind-blowing predictions about the future

Credit: Gettyimages

What is our future?

Have you ever wondered what will happen in the future? How will technology revolutionize our world? How it will look like in the next 100 or even more years? Well, most probably, yes. Now, one of the most important figures in science and, more specifically, physics today – prof. Michio Kaku – shares his view for the recent future. No matter if you find his ideas fascinating or terrifying, I personally felt them both ways, they do not sound like yet another science fiction. On the contrary, they seem like knocking on the front door of humanity.

Here you can enjoy three of his predictions of what will be the future of human society.
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