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A Special Place for Blog Lovers with a Touch of Science!

The 22nd edition of the SGEM Vienna Green conference

Credit: sgemviennagreen.org

XXII SGEM GeoConference – "Green Sciences for Green Life" Sessions

The host of this Green event is the Greenest City in the EU itself - Vienna city. Get ready to be amazed by the festive beauty of the Schönbrunn Palace, during the magical Christmas time (6th – 9th of December 2022). You want to be there already! Do you? Assure your place by submitting an article for an Oral or Poster presentation, or conveying a Workshop session on an up-to-date research topic. All participation forms are arranged with one idea - to touch the amazing synergy of green and live sciences, to present your high-quality work, to collaborate with other researchers, to listen to articles from distinguished scientists, and to share your experience. We are inspired to create a multidisciplinary platform where all the branches of science could co-operate and, in that manner, achieve the highest results.

"Some of the big challenges that we face, both societal and scientific, are just not solvable by people sitting in their single-discipline silos – bringing those disciplines together in the long term is what provides the big, big breakthroughs…" says Kedar Pandya of the Engineering and Physical Research Council (EPSRC). This is the power of interdisciplinarity - more effectively 'joining up' the contributions of different disciplines.

For more details about the conference, you can visit the SGEM Vienna Green Conference's website.

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Even machines need their greens

Image credit: USC

Chloroplast-fortified 3D-printer ink may strengthen products like custom sneaker soles

A tree grows strong from years of generating its own food. Imagine if products could be strengthened with the same living materials that provide nutrients to trees. This is the work of University of Southern California civil and environmental engineer Qiming Wang, whose research is among the first to infuse 3-D printer ink with living material. The material has potential for greater strength, flexibility, and self-healing.

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