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A Special Place for Blog Lovers with a Touch of Science!

Encrypted, one-touch, human-machine interface technology unveils user physiology

Credit: UCLA/Interconnected & Integrated Bioelectronics Lab

An advance may help prevent DUIs by detecting blood alcohol and drug levels prior to vehicle activation

Researchers at UCLA and Stanford University have developed a secure, noninvasive, one-touch technology using hydrogel-coated chemical sensors and a signal-interpretation framework. It can present detailed information about an individual's blood composition — such as metabolites, hormones, nutrients, and pharmaceuticals, as well as blood oxygen — all through the press of a finger.

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Cellular spring cleaning may keep us youthful and healthy for longer

The worm C. elegans has a nervous system remarkably similar to that of humans. Researchers are studying it to better understand the link between autophagy and age-related degeneration of the nervous system. © Nektarios Tavernarakis, 2022

Have we found the fountain of youth?

The in-built process of maintaining the health of our cells by recycling dead or toxic material plays a key role in our health overall. Known as autophagy, researchers are now keen to know if boosting the natural process may hold off the debilitating diseases of old age.

By intervening in the processes that make our bodies and brains malfunction as we get older, can we delay the onset of age-related disorders, or even stop them developing entirely?

The mythical fountain of youth has been a popular legend for thousands of years. The question of whether we can drink from its waters has been nagging modern researchers working in the field of biological ageing (known as senescence) since 1889, when French doctor Charles-Édouard Brown-Séquard injected himself with extracts from animal testicles. Following this, he claimed his mental and physical condition improved.

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We eat and inhale thousands of bits of plastic every year. Now what?

20220112-112210gettyimages-172663184-612x612 Credit: Gettyimages

Credit: Gettyimages

Plastic isn't fantastic anymore

Scientists have found minuscule shreds of plastic everywhere – in rivers and lakes, at the bottom of the sea, on the tallest mountain on earth, blowing in the wind and moving through our food chain. Now they're trying to find out how all this plastic is affecting human health. Plastic bottles, bags and containers, toothbrushes, tires and electronics litter coastlines, float in the sea and clog landfill sites. What about the plastic waste we can't see?

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Many publics around the world doubt the safety of genetically modified foods

Photo credit: gettyimages.com

The increasing demand for food production

Concern about genetically modified foods is widespread globally, with about half of people in 20 publics around the world saying these foods are unsafe to eat, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted between October 2019 and March 2020.

As growth in the world's population increases demand on the global food supply, nations have debated the role of genetically engineered or genetically modified foods. Advocates see such foods as one route to meeting food production demands.

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