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A Special Place for Blog Lovers with a Touch of Science!

Editor’s pick: Jerome K. Jerome

Credit: Photograph of Jerome published in the 1890s; Via Wikipedia

Friday's the best day of the week

It's Friday, finally! The working week it's over. Only a few more hours of labor and we will enjoy a pleasant and lazy weekend. Well, maybe it won't be so much entertainment as Jerome K. Jerome would draw out of it however we can, at least, try. Here is some piece of his precious advice on how we can do it. Enjoy your time, and don't forget that a good portion of rest and laughter is not only healthy things to have but an obligatory act of mental self-care.

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Friday Science Jokes

Credit: Getty images

Science is fun

After a long summer break, Friday Science Jokes is back at your service. Even during the hot holidays some of us were working hard and we all know that science could be a hard thing to do. No matter if you are still learning, teaching, or conducting research and experiments, you should never forget the creative power of a good laugh. Thank goodness science lends itself to some pretty good jokes. Below you can enjoy some of them.

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Friday Science Jokes

Credit: Gettyimages

Scientific Jokes

After months of serious work, exploration, and experiments, you scientists and researchers may need to unwind a bit. Well, it's time for a small portion of scientific humor. And if it's not funny, most probably you have to change your methods, ask your colleagues, or analyze it more. If you are not a scientist and, naturally, you don't get it, don't worry. This time there is an explanatory part. After all, when it comes to science, even the jokes need some additional explanations.

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N₂O - Where Science Meets Fun

Photo Credit: gettyimages.com

Who Said Science Can't be Funny

We all need a good laugh. Especially after a hard week of studying, working, researching, and doing other smart things. We at SWS Society recognize that science is not always the serious stuff we do in our labs or behind the desk. This is why we are starting a column, that will make us all laugh from time to time. Enjoy!

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