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The Secret Troves of Etymology

Credit: Pexels by Skylar Kang

Our world is made out of words

Language is all around us. It is everywhere and in everything. It constructs our culture and makes us human beings. You could find it even in places where you wouldn't expect and that's natural because we understand the world's phenomena through it. We can see its patterns in each particular thing since our mind process information like that. And it is a handy thing. We communicate very complex ideas thanks to it. Today, we will take a look at the origins of one remarkably famous and somehow obscure word – metaphysics. Its power stays hidden behind the prefix meta-, which could be used with a multitude of words like meta-language, meta-text, meta-history, or as we can see from the most recent usage – meta-verse (the virtual universe). 

Below you can see the extraordinary etymological story of the word meta-physics.

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The secret troves of Etymology

Image credit: gettyimages.com

Wednesday – the day of Odin

For most of us, Wednesday is just yet another day in the middle of the working week. We seldom ask ourselves what are the meaning and the origins of words that we are used to. Especially, the names of the days, months, countries, planets, constellations, etc. They are laid so deep in our memories and consciousness that we take them for granted. However, each name has its semantic roots and historical background. And believe me, most of the time they are truly amazing and unpredictable. Today, we will follow a bit from the story of one really common name – Wednesday.

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