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A Special Place for Blog Lovers with a Touch of Science!

“The 3 x F trio” is performing at SGEM Florence Conference

Welcome to Florence – the live museum of the Renaissance

From 24-26 of May, Art Meets Science at Centro Congressi Auditorium al Duomo- Firenze. The synergy of Arts and Humanities, presented in one unique event - Extended Scientific Sessions "The Magic of the Renaissance", part of the SWS International Scientific Conferences on Arts and Humanities. The sessions are organized by the SWS International Society of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Art, with the kind support of many Universities and Academies of Sciences.

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What did the poet say

Credit: Charles Baudelaire by Étienne Carjat, 1863; via Wikipedia

Charles Baudelaire


Music uplifts me like the sea and races
Me to my distant star,
Through veils of mist or through ethereal spaces,
I sail on it afar.

With chest flung out and lungs like sails inflated
Into the depth of night
I escalade the backs of waves serrated,
That darkness veils from sight.

I feel vibrating in me the emotions
That storm-tossed ships must feel.
The fair winds and the tempests and the oceans

Sway my exultant keel.
Sometimes a vast, dead calm with glassy stare
Mirrors my dumb despair.

- from Flowers of Evil

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Soundmapping the Genes on SGEM Florence Conference

Credit: Pexels by Frank Cone

Fredrik Soegaard and Soundmapping the Genes

The time has come to give you a little teaser for yet another of the upcoming workshops in this year's SGEM Florence Conference.

Soundmapping the Genes is a research-based artistic project in the field between biology and music. It is using DNA code-sequence and structures it in musical form. The complete code-sequence of the H1 histamin protein of the rainbow trout is translated into MIDI language and can be used simply as a melody - consisting of 642 notes - or as information, running electronic music parameters in real-time live music settings.

As Glenn Astarita from All About Jazz stated: "DNA is elevated into a mesmeric showcase, where Frederick Soegaard intermixes psycho-rock guitar with the MIDIgenemap and TC FireworX software to complement his band mates' use of computers, electronics, and percussion. With sweeping sounds and oscillating single note implementations, the trio (it is usually performed by three musicians) poses a transient musical environment, starkly different from old school type computer-generated beeps and blips."

Below you can enjoy a short video from a previous show of Soundmapping the Genes.

Here you can see more information about all the workshops during the 8th edition of the SGEM Florence Conference.

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Using Mozart to treat medication-resistant epilepsy

Credit: Mozart family portrait: Maria Anna ("Nannerl"), Wolfgang, Anna Maria (medallion) and Leopold Mozart; Wikimedia Commons

Music can reduce electrical activity surges in some patients

Researchers at Dartmouth University working on a program funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation are examining the effects of listening to Mozart on epilepsy patients resistant to medication. Data from the study indicates that controlled exposure to this stimulus might modulate electrical activity in the frontal cortices of the brain.

The findings have the potential for an intervention that is noninvasive and can help patients who experience suboptimal outcomes with pharmaceutical therapeutics.

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The Voice of 20th Century Counter-Culture

Photo credit: gettyimages.com

The most influential American poet of 20th century

Allen Ginsberg was an American poet and writer. Along with Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs, which are both his student years friends, they formed the core of the Beat Generation movement. Allen Ginsberg was a vigorous public activist, who energetically opposed all forms of militarism, consumerism, and sexual, religious, and freedom of speech repressions. He was the voice of the counter-culture, working together with some of the most influential artists, musicians, and writers of the time. Ginsberg embodied the search for an alternative lifestyle, teachings, and aesthetics that 50's American intellectuals embraced. He was a Buddhist who extensively studied Eastern religious disciplines and openly promoted their practices. He lived modestly, buying his clothing in second-hand stores and residing in apartments in New York City's East Village.

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