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The Covid generation: the effects of the pandemic on youth mental health

Schools provide students with a refuge from family dramas, routine, activities, and sense of community. The closure of schools during lockdown disrupted or ended these supports. Credit: Gettyimages

Challenges in front of youngsters mental health

Children and adolescents tend to have more mild disease compared to adults if they catch the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, but they are still struggling to cope with the pandemic. Curfews, closures, and lockdowns are taking their toll on their emotional wellbeing.

Against a decade-long pattern of deteriorating mental health among European youths, experts warn the Covid-19 pandemic made everything worse. Numerous studies observed sharp increases in rates of depression, anxiety, loneliness, and suicide attempts.

'Before the pandemic we had about 10-20% of children suffering from mental illness problems, not all of whom progressed to an impairment,' said Dr Nina Heinrichs, professor at the Department of Psychology at the University of Bremen. 'Now, from the last 2 years, it looks like it'll go up to 20-25%.'

Nevertheless, mental illness is notoriously difficult to assess in young people. According to Prof. Heinrichs, who is on the executive board of the RISE research project, which focusses on the prevention of child mental health problems, it is the externalised behaviours – of an aggressive, oppositional type – that are easiest to observe and get the most attention. Yet most youngsters do not misbehave, and instead hide their feelings. Internalised feelings, such as those that worsened during the pandemic, can be difficult to observe and are easily overlooked.

This means the reported rates of mental health problems among European young people are probably an underestimate. This can cause problems down the line. Prof. Heinrichs explained that 'feeling blue' can sometimes develop into full-blown disorders.

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How to prevent future pandemics?

Image credit: NSF/Nicole Rager-Fuller

Biodiversity loss increases exposure to new and established pathogens

A growing body of evidence suggests that biodiversity loss increases exposure to both new and established zoonotic pathogens. Restoring and protecting nature is essential to preventing future pandemics.

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Chantal Bilodeau: Dear Earth, I Love You

Image: pixabay.com


The following text  has been written on the occasion of Earth Day 2020 - 50th anniversary, by Chantal Bilodeau - a renown playwright and translator, a pioneer in the sphere of eco theater, called one of "trailblazers who are changing the climate conversation" .

"(Dear Earth) Thank you for putting up with our excesses and our temper tantrums, our greed and our indifference, our honest mistakes and our willful ignorance. You patiently endure our petty in-fighting, our endless politicking, and our deflections. No matter how disruptive our actions are, you continue to hold us in your embrace with great compassion. When the future is so uncertain, your calm and steadiness are comforting." - Chantal BIlodeau

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Covid-19 Pandemic and Working Women - a New Report

image: pixabay.com

Women in the Workplace

One in every four women in America considers quitting her job or downshifting her career. This is the data shown by the annual report "Women in the Workplace" by McKinsey & Company and LeanIn.Org. The report also shows that mothers, Black women and women in senior leadership have been hit worst by the pandemic.

"The events of 2020 have turned workplaces upside down, - the report says. - Companies risk losing women at all levels of management—but they also have an opportunity to build a better workplace...

Two things are clear: Companies need to address the heightened challenges women are facing, and they need to better support Black women. If companies act now to build a more equal workplace, they can prevent millions of women from leaving their jobs or downshifting their careers. If companies can rise to the challenges the Covid-19 crisis has thrown into high relief, we may be laying the foundation for a more flexible and empathetic workplace for everyone."

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