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How to conduct a great workshop?

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It's time to give a workshop

You've probably been a participant in a number of workshops. You may have been at a folk festival where a famous performer held a guitar workshop and demonstrated some of his techniques. You may have been at a conference where there were workshops on surfing the internet, or on selling to reluctant customers. There are workshops on subjects ranging from cake decorating to treating schizophrenia, all of which are limited in time, meant to teach practical skills or techniques or ideas, and conducted by people like you.

Now it's your turn to conduct a workshop. You may be training staff or volunteers for a new organization, presenting at a conference, or trying to show the world this terrific new method your organization has developed. Whatever the case, you're going to have to entertain, educate, and edify a group of people you've probably never met before. That may sound frightening, but running a workshop is really very much like anything else: if you prepare well, stay relaxed, and respect the participants, it'll go fine.

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How to become a better presenter in 15 short tips

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The challenge to present 

All of us experienced, at a certain point in our lives, the challenge to present something in front of an audience. For some people, it was just that school thing, for others it is an everyday activity. Undoubtedly, it is a really important skill to be confident and feel free to convey information, or a demand publicly. It opens doors for further actions in any aspect of public activity. So how should we do it, or become better? There is no single recipe on how to become a great presenter. Each presentation is a unique event that will not ever happen again in the same way. If you think about it, that's both the most terrifying but at the same time exciting aspect of doing it. There are countless details that one should pay attention to and even more tips on how to do it. Of course, we can't cover all of them, however here is a list of 15 essentials on how to become a better presenter. 

After the list, you will find a short elucidating video of Jordan Peterson elaborating upon the topic.

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