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A Special Place for Blog Lovers with a Touch of Science!

Machine learning and earthquake risk prediction

Sinkholes and liquefaction on roads in Christchurch, New Zealand; Credit: Wikimedia Commons

New framework applies big data, supercomputing to soil liquefaction

Homes and offices are only as solid as the ground beneath them. When that solid ground turns to liquid -- as sometimes happens during earthquakes -- it can topple buildings and bridges. The phenomenon is known as liquefaction, and it was a major feature of the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, a magnitude 6.3 quake that killed 185 people and destroyed thousands of homes.

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Beauty and Convenience by ProQuest

Photo credit: unsplash.com by Giammarco

Introducing Their New Website

Librarians, teachers, researchers - every day thousands of people visit the website of ProQuest. After collecting extensive feedback, the company decided it is time for something new. They claim they built "a website that meets your needs". Introduced at the end of April, about.proquest.com has already attracted many positive reviews and comments the visitors.

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Research Integrity: Two Words - A lot of Meaning

Image credit: The Straits Times

The Chivalry of Scientific Research

Scientific research exists as long as science does. For centuries people around the world were making an effort to help us better understand everything that is happening around us and to ensure the progress of humanity. Unfortunately, not always the goals are as pure and noble. Greed or thirst for fame leads to lower research standards or misleading results. This is the reason Research Integrity has become one of the most important topics in the scientific world.

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Scientific Abstract - Where Each Word Counts

Image credit: Pixabay

Few Words - Much Content

Writing a good abstract is the key to earning credibility for your research. The abstract is the face of your paper. With few words, it tells the reader about the content and the importance of the research. Having a good abstract means that your paper and you as a scientist will get the deserved attention.  Below we will take a brief look at how to master the art of writing a scientific abstract and will give you some useful tips.

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Crossref and Peer review - a step forward

Image credit: www.crossref.org

What is going on?

For years Crossref is striving to improve, following the feedback of its members. This includes the support of more and more content types and the possibility to build relations between them. Now an important step has been taken by featuring the possibility to register peer reviews for preprints and other types of content.

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Scientists Are Trying to Find Out Why Tree Leaves Change Their Color

image: pixabay.com

The Science Behind the Autumn Tree Palette

Have you ever wondered why the leaves of the trees change their color in autumn? Well, we have. As well as a group of scientists from Chicago area, USA. They are trying to find out what is the actual cause for all those vibrant yellow-orange-red-purplish colors that will warm up our eyes and our hearts in the following weeks. A team from Morton Arboretum, Lisle, IL, wants to know what stays behind this amazing natural phenomenon.

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