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Call for Workshops SGEM Scientific Conferences

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Workshop sessions 2022

As an essential part of the conference programme of IXth SWS International Scientific Conferences of Social Sciences and ARTS & Humanities, this year again we will host many artistic performances, exhibitions, and workshops. The SWS Scholarly Society holds the belief that Scientific and Artistic activities can benefit from each other. Moreover, sometimes they can merge into an interdisciplinary union in order to produce something beyond their traditional boundaries.

Thematic workshops will be conducted as an event, parallel to the conference. There is limited time and meeting space, which is why the number of presented workshops is in direct dependency on the Oral Session and Invited Session Programme.

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SGEM GeoConference Workshops 2022

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Ukrainian Knowledge Exchange for initiating new projects

As everyone now knows, the war in Ukraine is changing our world. In 2022, several joint case studies that illustrate the conceptual modeling tools for project development were chosen in cooperation with Ukrainian research at several universities in Ukraine. Of course, this includes Ukrainian researchers, both within Ukraine and those displaced. Despite everything, a group of these researchers has been looking forward and working with project ideas. The workshop "Ukrainian Knowledge Exchange for initiating new projects" will be a hybrid workshop with online and on-site participation on 5 July (10.00 EEST) at the SGEM 2022 GeoConference.
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Last call for SGEM Florence Conference

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Extended deadlines for SGEM Florence Conference

This year we decided to extend the deadlines for registration in the SGEM Florence Conference to give you even more time and chances to participate. There are 5 more days for you to register. Don't waste this opportunity. Below, you can take a look at the special promotions that we have prepared for you.

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