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Time: Do the past, present, and future exist all at once?

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What is time?

Here, we are in front of the most perplexing philosophical question of all time. But what does that "of all time" actually mean? Do we suggest that something was happening back there in the past, which is done right now and we can only remember it? Or that it is still present somehow, not only in our minds but in the mysterious interwoven tissue of space-time? Or it is just an expression? Well, one thing is for sure, on that topic we can't really lean on science for a decisive answer. In fact, it is the scientific discourse that brought even more confusion or we can say perspectives to the question. There are many theories and most of them seem to be equally plausible. So what are your personal feeling about it? Do you believe that there is only the present moment or maybe you are eternalist? Here is a short video that will maybe shed a light on that enigmatic issue.

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