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Xavier Cortada at the TED Countdown

Credit: Gilberto Tadday / TED

Socially engaged art

Artist Xavier Cortada spoke at the TED Countdown event hosted in London, England on Monday, October 3rd, 2022. He talked about using socially engaged art as a tool for engaging, educating, and mobilizing communities around climate action. The TED Talk will likely be published online in December 2022.

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‘South Pole: The Markers & 150,000-Year Journey’ exhibition

Credit: Xavier Cortada, "The Markers," (South Pole), 2007

Xavier Cortada's "The Markers: South Pole" and "150,000-year journey" on exhibit at Hibiscus Gallery

In 2007, Xavier Cortada used the ice sheet that blankets the South Pole as an instrument to mark time. On October 26, 2022, Cortada will be exhibiting the work that he created 15 years prior in Antarctica, "The Markers: South Pole" and "150,000-year Journey" in Pinecrest Gardens' Hibiscus Gallery.

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The latest project of Xavier Cortada

Credit: Cortada.com

Xavier Cortada's Public Art

Over the past three decades, Cortada has created art across six continents including more than one hundred and fifty (150) public artworks and dozens of collaborative murals and socially engaged projects. Cortada's work aims to address our relationship to place, to each other, and the natural world. He has developed innovative art solutions to public art-making that explore our ability to coexist with nature.

Cortada's site-specific public art range from free-standing and suspended sculpture, fountains, plazas, ceramic tile murals, mosaics, paintings, and large-scale digital works. His Florida public art commissions include works at Port Everglades, the Frost Art Museum, the Florida Turnpike, Florida Botanical Gardens, Curtis Park, and at ten Miami-Dade Housing Authority sites.

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Memory Box Monument by Xavier Cortada

Credit: cortada.com

The Project

Memory Box Monument is a participatory memorial designed by artist Xavier Cortada to engage Americans in honoring the 1,000,000 people in the United States who lost their lives due to complications from COVID-19. The memorial's online component asks participants to share the name and story of the person they lost and the words they wish they could have shared with them before they died. Those stories and images can be accessed by physically scanning the QR codes on the facade of hundreds of 8-foot black cube monuments imagined in public and private spaces across the American landscape.

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Oolite Arts’ Home + Away Residency at Anderson Ranch Arts Center

Credit:  Cortada creates wax sculptures in preparation for bronze casting at his Anderson Ranch studio. (Photo by Trae Broomfield, Anderson Ranch)

Xavier Cortada's residency works

During his Oolite Arts' Home + Away residency at Anderson Ranch Art Center in Aspen Snowmass, Colorado, artist Xavier Cortada is creating a series of new works to advance his social practice in Miami. Using state of the art facilities at Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Cortada is creating both 3-D printed pieces and hand-carved wax sculptures that will be cast in bronze.

Cortada's sculptures will be displayed at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center (AHCAC) in Liberty City at the end of April for his ArtCARE exhibition. Addressing juvenile justice in the context of broader structural issues impacting Miami communities (systemic racism, social inequity, climate gentrification), the exhibition will serve to launch a community-building participatory art project and reforestation effort he is developing through AHCAC as part of the Socially Engaged Art in Law course he is co-teaching at the University of Miami.

Cortada was selected to attend the residency at Anderson Ranch Art Center by jurors Amy Galpin, chief curator of the Frost Art Museum, Leilani Lynch, Curator at The Bass and Lorie Mertes, Executive Director, Locust Projects. The residency extends from February 6 to March 9, 2022.

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HELLO - The newest art project by Xavier Cortada

Credit: cortada.com

Hello, it's time to

Xavier Cortada launched his newest socially engaged art project, "HELLO," ahead of the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) on Wednesday, Oct. 27th, 2021 with Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava.

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Launch of “How We Thrive,” a collaborative message mural

Image credit: Cortada.com

April 10 - April 17

Miami-Dade County is brimming with vibrant cultures, people, and ideas. As an interconnected community, we call on those we elect to deliver a shared future that brings us the protection, happiness, and stability that allows us to fulfill our destinies. While our leaders have the responsibility to listen, we have the obligation to voice our concerns, hopes, and aspirations.

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The contemporary artist Xavier Cortada takes us on a visual journey inside the intricate relation between Individual and Law

Image courtesy of Xavier Cortada

Xavier Cortada's images of constitutional rights

In May It Please the Court, the artist Xavier Cortada portrays ten significant decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States that originated from people, places, and events in Florida. These cases cover the rights of criminal defendants, the rights of free speech and free exercise of religion, and the powers of states. In Painting Constitutional Law, scholars of constitutional law analyze the paintings and cases, describing the law surrounding the cases and discussing how Cortada captures these foundational decisions, their people, and their events on canvas. This book explores new connections between contemporary art and constitutional law. 

Xavier Cortada's visual renderings give us unexpected insights into the psychological realms of the human condition and its social, juridical, and constitutional aspects. Take a glimpse into the author's latest imaginative paintings:

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Florida is... Nature: An art project by Xavier Cortada

Key Deer, picture by Xavier Cortada

Florida's 200th anniversary 

On February 22, 1821, the Adams–Onís Treaty was signed, formally transferring Florida from Spain to the United States.

Three centuries earlier, Spanish conquistadores landed on our peninsula, claiming it for Spain and naming it La Florida – from flor, the Spanish word for flower. That 1513 encounter initiated a series of actions that, in recent years, has forever changed our state and its ecosystems.

To commemorate this year's 200th anniversary, Cortada is continuing his ongoing project Florida is... Nature, which encourages participants to depict Florida's natural beauty as they find better ways to coexist with nature.

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Prof. Xavier Cortada: DO NOT OPEN - a (Warning) Project about Climate Change and the World of Tomorrow

Image: cortada.com


"DO NOT OPEN" is a participatory art project, organized and lead by Prof. Xavier Cortada.  Its goal is to provoke a first-hand awareness  on climate change and the way it affects our life and the life of those coming after us. Because it is true that for many people (or should we say for most of the people) climate change is still something distant, something chimerical, something that is not relevant to them - not now, not in this moment. Yet, Prof. Cortada proves us wrong. He makes us, or actually let's say, he helps us see, admit and acknowledge the personal (and global) effects of climate change.  Because this is the only way a change could be made. Not via impersonal narration, but via personal interpretation.

 Prof. Cortada asks the participants to write letters to the future, focusing on the climate change which effects we experience today. Then the participants should put the letters away and leave them unread, until a future time. The result is the acknowledgement that climate change is real and that our today is what will form the next generations' tomorrow. ..

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