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The Viennese inventions: Bösendorfer

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The First Eight-Octave Concert Grand Piano

Vienna is undoubtedly the capital of western music. Not only some of the greatest compositors were born there but the city also played a pioneering role when it comes to instrument making. There are many examples of new musical instruments invented in the Austrian capital but one stands out in front of the others – the first eight-octave concert grand piano made by the Bösendorfer piano manufactory. . Established more than 200 years ago, it is not only the oldest premium-segment maker but is also synonymous with a unique sound that is prized by aficionados the world over. Each year Bösendorfer handcrafts 300 of these legendary instruments.

It was the year 1900 when the company made a great sensation with their latest invention – the first grand piano with an acoustic range covering a full eight octaves. Bösendorfers are still the epitome of piano makers' art and a hallmark of good quality sound. Some of the most talented pianists played Bösendorfers – from Duke Ellington to Oscar Peterson, from the Beatles to Bernstein, from Liszt to Gulda, and from Michael Jackson to Tori Amos. The Vienna showroom – the Bösendorfer Salon and Flagship Store – is located in the Musikverein building, where the city's musical heartbeats.

Source: wien.info

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