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Beauty and Convenience by ProQuest

Photo credit: unsplash.com by Giammarco

Introducing Their New Website

Librarians, teachers, researchers - every day thousands of people visit the website of ProQuest. After collecting extensive feedback, the company decided it is time for something new. They claim they built "a website that meets your needs". Introduced at the end of April, about.proquest.com has already attracted many positive reviews and comments the visitors.

Who is ProQuest?

ProQuest was founded as University Microfilms by Eugene Power in 1938. In 1939 it started also publishing doctoral dissertations and later expanded to newspapers and periodicals. In 1962, it was acquired by Xerox and after few name changes, it ended up with the name UMI (short for University Microfilms International). In 1985 Bell & Howell bought UMI from Xerox. Around this time UMI started producing CD databases of abstracts and indexes and selling them to libraries and other institutions. The brand ProQuest was first used on these CDs. In 1995, an online service called ProQuest Direct was launched. In 1999, the company name changed to Bell & Howell Information and Learning, and then in 2001 to ProQuest & Howell Information and Learning. In 2006 ProQuest & Howell Information and Learning was bought by Cambridge Information Group. On the 17th of May 2021, it was announced that Clarivate had acquired ProQuest. Today, the company provides different tools for discovery and citation management, and platforms that allow library users to search, manage, use, and share research. SWS Scholarly Society is a partner of ProQuest since 2012 and we are proud that all papers published in the SGEM conference proceedings (www.sgem.org and www.sgemviennagreen.org) have their rightful place and are part of this distinguished scientific database.

The New Website

One of the most important new features is the possibility to do an extensive search by name, by subject, or by format. There are also links to the other brands of the company, which allows flawless work and integration. Moreover, ProQuest extended the information about each of their products by adding images, videos, case studies, reviews, etc. 

 Image credit: ProQuest

The website can now be explored in accordance with the role of the visitor. There are special options for dissertation authors and Ph.D. candidates, administrators, librarians, researchers, teachers, etc. News, blogs, and events are now easier than ever to find.

SWS Scholarly Society would like to wish ProQuest good luck and to express the hope, that our successful partnership will last for much longer!

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