Albena - A Piece of Paradise on the Black Sea Coast

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50 Years of Excellence

For more than 50 years, Albena has been one of the best resorts on the Black Sea coast. Golden Sand, crystal-clear water, and high-level accommodation are just a small part of what the resort can offer. Since it was opened in 1969, Albena aims to be a "Green" Resort and constantly implements new ecological measures. All this makes the place perfect for both leisure and conference tourism.


55 years ago, in 1966 Bulgarian government decides to build a resort, that will be both ultra-modern and attractive for both locals and foreigners and in a strong connection with nature. The place is chosen easily - 36km north from Varna, the sea capital of the country, right next to the "Baltata" nature reserve. The place is famous for its mineral water springs. The remains of the Roman settlement of Geranea are evidence, that even the ancient Romans knew well about the healing powers of the area. In 1967 a decision is made, to call the new pearl of the Black Sea - Albena, after a female character from a tale of the Bulgarian writer Yordan Yovkov, but also symbolically deriving from the Latin word albus - white. On August 24th, 1969, the resort is officially opened and the first tourist - an electrician from Czechoslovakia enters the clean and warm water.


Today Albena has around 15 000 beds in 43 hotels, 4 villa settlements, and 1 camping. In addition around 100, cafes, bars, nightclubs and restaurants, horse stables, 8 football fields, and a multi-functional sports hall. All that provide endless entertainment opportunities for the guests. Due to the last two Albena is a training base for many local and international sports teams and the host of multiple sports tournaments. 

With its modern facilities, Albena is considered one of the best places for hosting conferences in Bulgaria.

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Green Mission

Albena is proud to be one of the greenest resorts in Bulgaria. It is working towards switching all means of internal transportation to ecological. Car access is limited with few designated parking areas. Parking is not allowed close to the beach and the parks. There are special pedestrian and bicycle tracks. All guests can use free electrical transport and an escalator connecting the park zone with the beach.
Part of the green philosophy is the care for the guests' health, which comes naturally with the mineral waters used for SPA and medical treatment.

SWS Scholarly Society is a long-term partner of Albena and organizes 3 conferences there in the summer:

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