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The International DOI Foundation

Established in 1998, the International DOI Foundation (IDF) is the governance body of the DOI system. It is a non-profit organization with the main goal to support the development and implementation of the DOI system. Any organization with an interest in digital publishing and relevant technologies can become a member of the foundation and participate in its governance.

Main Responsibilities

The International DOI Foundation maintains and governs the DOI system. It is also the Registration Authority for the ISO 26324 standard - the ISO specification of the DOI system.

The responsibilities of IDF Include:

  • To promote the proper use of the DOI system (and ISO 26324, the ISO specification).
  • To maintain the DOI system technical infrastructure and data in accordance with the needs of the users.
  • To establish guidelines regarding allocation, registration, maintenance, and dissemination of DOI names
  • To continuously adapt the DOI Handbook and guidelines to meet the needs of the market.
  • To respond to inquiries and information requests related to ISO 26324 in a timely manner.
  • To establish due diligence and quality assurance procedures of the DOI system.
("The DOI Handbook")
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The IDF also ensures that:
  • The DOI suffix assigned within their registrant code is unique, thereby ensuring that each DOI name is unique within the DOI system.
  • Each referent registered is assigned only one DOI name. Where multiple DOI names are inadvertently assigned to the same referent, provide a unifying record for that referent.
  • Each DOI name assigned is registered with the required Metadata Declaration (see Annex B) in the DOI resolution system, following the specifications established by the ISO 26324 Registration Authority and any further rules established for its internal management. 
("The DOI Handbook")


The members of the International DOI Foundation are the ones to control its activities. They act in accordance with the Charter of the foundation and oblige to support its goals. Four types of membership exist - Charter, Registration Agency. General and Affiliate. Charter and General Members and Registration Agencies have voting rights during the IDF annual elections.  Affiliate members have fewer entitlements. The membership is subject to fees due annually and in an amount depending on the membership type. Members, in accordance with certain criteria, may apply for a reduction of the fee. This doesn't limit their rights as members. Each member organization appoints one representative, who is responsible for the relations with IDF.


The International DOI Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the members of the organization. All Charter members are automatically members of the board. Registration Agencies become members of the board after one year of Registration Agency membership. The General members nominate one of them to represent them for a three-year term in the Board. Affiliate members are not represented. 

The Board elects a Chair, Vice-Chair, and  Treasurer. For dealing with urgent matters or with matters not requiring full board seating, the Board elects an Executive Committee of at least three people among its members. Board members act pro-bono. the Board appoints a Managing Agent responsible for the management of the Foundation.

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