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Go green!

If the 20th century was the period of the great discoveries of Quantum Physics, Unconsciousness, Computers, and the hidden structures of language itself, 21st would be the one of Green Technologies. It is time to wake up for the new generation of intelligent green sciences! We should face the needs of our planet and all of its inhabitants – both human beings and animals.

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The time for a change has come

We are witnessing unprecedented exhaustion of our planet's resources. Moreover, sad but true, we have to confess that because of our restless and ruthless activities, the planetary levels of pollution reached a dangerous extent, which is threatening not only the other species but human beings themselves. The exponential expansion of our consumption is sightless for the decreasing natural habitats and needs of many animals and plants, thereby causing immense loss of biodiversity. We are literally exterminating the flora and fauna, on which depends our own welfare.

 We have to face the fact that our current approaches are not sustainable and if we continue in the same course, we will compromise the future of our children. Most probably, the only possible solution on a global scale would come from an extensive applying of the new generation concepts of Green Sciences in every branch of both business and science. If our civilization invests such amount of genius and funds in the development of Green Technologies as what we do for weaponry, soon enough we could bring back the harmony between humankind and Nature. The decision is still in our hands. The main goals of SGEM GeoConference are to raise awareness of both scientists and common people for the pressing ecological issues and to create a revolutionary forum for sharing and collaboration among the scientific society.

It is time to wake up for the dawn of Green Sciences! Come and join our mission! Let's write the future together!

XXI SGEM GeoConference – "Green Sciences for Green Life" Sessions

The host of this Green event is the Greenest City in the EU itself - Vienna city. Get ready to be amazed by the festive beauty of the Schönbrunn Palace, during the magical Christmas time (7th – 10th of December 2021). You want to be there already! Do you? Assure your place by submitting an article for an Oral or Poster presentation, or conveying a Workshop session on an up-to-date research topic. All participation forms are arranged with one idea - to touch the amazing synergy of green and live sciences, to present your high-quality work, to collaborate with other researchers, to listen to articles from distinguished scientists, and to share your experience. We are inspired to create a multidisciplinary platform where all the branches of science could co-operate and, in that manner, achieve the highest results.

"Some of the big challenges that we face, both societal and scientific, are just not solvable by people sitting in their single-discipline silos – bringing those disciplines together in the long term is what provides the big, big breakthroughs…" says Kedar Pandya of the Engineering and Physical Research Council (EPSRC). This is the power of the interdisciplinarity - more effectively 'joining up' the contributions of different disciplines.

For more details about the conference, you can visit the SGEM Vienna Green Conference's website.

Photo credit: by Noah Buscher
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