Last call for SGEM Florence Conference

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Extended deadlines for SGEM Florence Conference

This year we decided to extend the deadlines for registration in the SGEM Florence Conference to give you even more time and chances to participate. There are 5 more days for you to register. Don't waste this opportunity. Below, you can take a look at the special promotions that we have prepared for you.

Call for papers and workshops

SWS society sends an invitation to all of you scientists, scholars, researchers, and artists to present your latest works on our blog and participate in the annual SWS conferences. We will give you the opportunity to exhibit your achievements in front of a most distinguished international audience and thus lay the groundwork for future development and collaborations. Do not hesitate, register and send us your papers or pieces of art. We encourage the synergy and promotion of all forms of science and arts. Become a member of our mission for open sharing and evolution of knowledge. Because together we stay stronger!

Dante and Humanism

In 2021, we mark seven hundred years since the loss of one of the symbols of literature and Humanism, and arguably the greatest and most influential poet of the Western world - Dante Alighieri (c. 1265 -1321). This year's edition of our conference SWS Florence will present to you the Special Scientific Session: Dante Alighieri – the Medieval father of Humanism. We invite you to propose and send your latest papers, artistic rendering, or researches on the topics of Humanism and the special role that Dante holds in the history of world literature and culture. However, don't feel limited in your choice of themes. Here you can check some of this year's confirmed workshops and performances.

Anti-Covid Bonus Packages

This year we offer special promotion - a Bonus Package, which doubles the value of your participation in the conference. No matter if you participate as Lecturer, Ph.D. Student, or Virtual Presenter, you will get +1 Bonus paper and for the two former - +1 accompanying person. Don't hesitate and take this unique opportunity to participate and present two of your latest scientific/artistic achievements.

For more information click the picture below.

SGEM Florence Conference Workshops
The therapeutic effects of Psychedelics

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Monday, 29 November 2021

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