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Great News From Mendeley

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Mendeley Takes The Next Step

The academic social network proves ones again, that one of its main goals is to make life for scientists, researchers and academicians easier. Released as a Microsoft Word add-in, Mendeley Cite is due to make the way we work with references and bibliographies in any word document as simple as brewing a cup of tea. Meanwhile Mendeley Web Library evolves to Mendeley Reference Manager - an upgrade aimed to make reference management seamless and much more efficient.

Mendeley Cite

Mendeley Cite will let you manage the citations in your Word document without switching between different programs. Once you install the add-in, a "References" tab will appear in your Ribbon. Clicking on it will open a panel on the right side of Word, where you can sign in to Mendeley and access your Reference Manager. There you can search for the references you wish to add. All you need to do then is to put your cursor on the place in the document, where you would like to place a citation and then select the check box/es of the reference\s you will use. Pressing "Insert Citation" will automatically format the reference and place it in the document.

You can always come back and edit the citations later. Once you select a citation, it appears in the Edit panel of Mendeley Cite. There you can choose the reference to be edited and open the attributes panel, where you have the possibility to make and save changes (e.g. authors names, pages). The changes will be applied to the citation in your document. 

After you are ready with all citations, one click will create a Bibliography on a chosen place inside the document. Any edition in the citations will automatically reorganize the bibliography (including numbering) as well, saving you the need to generate a new bibliography each time you add or remove a citation. One of the greatest features of Mendeley Cite is that it will immediately format all citations and bibliographies in the style you choose. You can even create documents with different citation styles, that you can submit to different journals, conferences, institutions etc.

Image credit: www.mendeley.com

Last but not least. If you make changes in the references in your Mendeley Reference Manager, you can then open the documents where you used Mendeley Cite, click "Refresh" and automatically update all your citations.

Mendeley Reference Manager

After collecting extensive feedback, Mendeley created the Mendeley Reference Manager. All users have automatically migrated to the new online version. The new desktop version is available for download, but you can still use the old Mendeley Desktop as well. The new library is cloud-based, making sure you can access it from different places and devices and using it seamlessly both on the desktop and online version of Mendeley and in Mendeley Cite. The desktop and online versions now finally have the same look and functionality making the switching between them easier than ever. The new offline mode will let you make additions and changes without depending on your connection and will automatically synchronize your library once you go online. Few more features were added and some, like Mendeley Feed and Public Groups, Mendeley Profiles and Mendeley Funding will be retired.

With the new changes Mendeley proves that the well-being of all researchers, scientists and academicians is their top priority and is released with the promise that the constant improvement will not stop.

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