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It's Election Time

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Crossref to Hold Elections for Board Members

Crossref has always been a great example of democracy in terms of governance. Giving equal opportunity to both "small" and "big" in terms of finance members to become part of the board of the organization ensures, that as diverse a representation of the scholarly community as possible is achieved. Now it is time to say goodbye to five of the current board members and to elect the new ones.

Board Responsibilities

The Board consists of 16 members - 6 large and six small organizations. It provides strategic and financial oversight of the organization and advises the Executive Director and the professional leadership team. The Board acts as a representative of all members of Crossref. It sets the direction where the organization is moving and besides the financial oversight, controls the adoption and implementation of new policies and services.

Board Member Responsibilities

Each Board member is expected to participate in the governance of the organization by both attending Board meetings and sitting on at least one of the Crossref Committees. Board meetings are held three times a year - usually in March, July, and November in different locations around the world. Due to the pandemic, at least one of the board meetings and all committee meetings are currently being held virtually. The organization, which is part of the board must be in good standing and should participate actively in the Board's "life".

Image credit: Pixabay

Image credit: Pixabay 


Even though the expression of interest is individual, the seat in the board belongs to the member organization. Any active member of Crosreff can apply. The elections will be held online in September and the results will be announced in November. Two large and three small organization seats will be filled. There is a strict "one member, one vote" policy wherein every member organization of Crossref has a single vote. All expressions of interest will be reviewed in advance by a Nominating Committee, who will then create a slate of candidates for election.

Crossref specifically states that "Any active member of Crossref can apply to join the board. Crossref membership is open to organizations that produce content, such as academic presses, commercial publishers, standards organizations, and research funders. In fact, this year the board has specifically included in the committee's remit to "propose at least one name from a funder member for the current round of elections."

As a voting member of Crossref SWS Scholarly Society would like to wish good luck to all candidates!

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