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Launch of “How We Thrive,” a collaborative message mural

Image credit: Cortada.com

April 10 - April 17

Miami-Dade County is brimming with vibrant cultures, people, and ideas. As an interconnected community, we call on those we elect to deliver a shared future that brings us the protection, happiness, and stability that allows us to fulfill our destinies. While our leaders have the responsibility to listen, we have the obligation to voice our concerns, hopes, and aspirations.

The project

Through this digital platform, Miami artist Xavier Cortada asks you to join him in creating an art piece that captures and shares our collective voices. The artist will incorporate the words participants upload online into the Thrive305 collaborative digital message mural that Mayor Levine Cava will unveil on April 17th at the closing of Thrive305 Civic Week.

Thrive305 is a countywide civic engagement initiative launched by Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava, in partnership with The Miami Foundation. This initiative will leverage Miami-Dade's biggest asset, its residents, through a survey and series of virtual workshops to inform the administration's "Action Plan" – a bottom-up, community-driven policy framework with a focus on policies, initiatives, and strategies that center on an equitable recovery and a thriving community.

That's how government should work – incorporating feedback from the public we serve into our priorities, policies, and budget.

The main program activities of Thrive305 are:

  • Countywide Resident Survey – the largest non-partisan, issue-oriented survey in the history of Miami-Dade.
  • Civic Week – "Town Hall"-style virtual events to provide residents opportunities to discuss the survey data and recommend ideas for the Action Plan.
  • Action Plan Workshops – smaller events that provide community leaders and policy experts to collaborate with County staff on recommendations for the Action Plan.

More information on how to participate coming soon here.

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