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Questions No One Knows the Answers to

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Stay Curious

We presume generally presume that all questions have their answers. If you can't find an answer, well, you should try harder and really dive into the topic you are searching in. At least, that is the popular belief spread among the academies and universities around the world. Otherwise, why should we even try to pose questions? Nevertheless, there are tons of questions that no one can answer and we face them every day. However, there is another way to look at this paradoxical situation. Maybe it is not necessary that each question has only one right answer.

The best questions may be the ones that lead you to unanswerable riddles, the ones that could produce an indefinite number of possibilities. If you take that perspective, you can easily see the creative power of such questions. These are the ones that were as intriguing for the ancient philosophers, as for today's scientists. The thing is that if we find the final answer to questions like: What is the meaning of life?, Is there God?, or What is the nature of consciousness?, then maybe the burning passion of our imagination, which is always searching for meaning and purpose, will dry up its creative springs and there will not be any reason to live anymore. Well, nobody knows.

One thing is sure: posing questions is as vital for our intellectual life as breathing is for our bodies! So never stop wondering and stay curious!

Take a look at and enjoy a short Ted-Ed video elaborating upon the topic.

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