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Where does the name Google come from?

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Have ever asked yourself where does the most famous search engine's name derive from? Well, the answer is quite surprising and yet it logically fits perfectly. And no, it's not a misspelling of the word goggles though that one also seems to produce relevant associations for a search engine wherein millions of people dive for information on a daily basis. It is something else.

Google and Googol

The name is actually connected to the word googol. Googol is a mathematical term. It represents one of the largest numbers. It is the digit 1 followed by 100 zeros or 10¹⁰⁰. The term was coined in 1920 by 9-year-old Milton Sirotta (1911–1981), nephew of U.S. mathematician Edward Kasner. It was first introduced in the book Mathematics and the Imagination, written by Edward Kasner and James R. Newman in 1940. It was supposed to serve as a survey into the field of mathematics for the layperson. It is an interesting fact that googol is a quantity that surpasses even the number of hydrogen atoms in the observable universe, is a number dating back to the mid-1900s and is still used by mathematicians today.

How is Google connected to googol?

While brainstorming for a name for their new company in 1998, Sergey Brin and Larry Page came up with the idea to brand it Google, which is a misspelling of the term googol. The two entrepreneurs explained their decision with their intention to build a very large-scale search engine.

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