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Xavier Cortada at the TED Countdown

Credit: Gilberto Tadday / TED

Socially engaged art

Artist Xavier Cortada spoke at the TED Countdown event hosted in London, England on Monday, October 3rd, 2022. He talked about using socially engaged art as a tool for engaging, educating, and mobilizing communities around climate action. The TED Talk will likely be published online in December 2022.

TED Countdown is about amplifying and supporting climate voices and ideas with a bias towards solutions. This session heard from leaders about forests and soil (Colin Averill), climate justice (Jade Begay), carbon removals and how to finance them (Stacy Kauk, Jan Wurzbacher), urban carbon budgeting and policies (Heidi Sørensen), the floods in Pakistan, loss and reparation and climate diplomacy (Huma Yusuf), energy efficiency in buildings (Ksenia Petrichenko), the future of food (George Monbiot), art as a tool for engaging communities (Xavier Cortada), plus a music performance (of a climate-related song, by MyVerse and Kristen Warren) and a preview of an upcoming climate film.

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