SWS Scientific Committee Responsibilities

SWS International Society has two main scientific divisions – Earth & Planetary Sciences and Social Sciences, Humanities & Arts, each covered by International Scientific Committee. It took years of extensive collaboration with diverse institutions, scholars and researchers from all around the world, to build and develop such an eminent collective. The Committee members form a unique combination of distinguished scientists, professors and Doctors of Sciences in many fields. The majority of them are experts in world scientific societies, editors in Journals with high citation metrics and board members within Academies of Sciences. Our Committee members represent various geographical regions and scientific institutions. Their expertise covers wide areas of scientific fields and activities. SWS Society is proud that every single member of our community, embody the high criteria, professionalism and responsibility, which is necessary for the scientific work.

The SWS Scientific Committee works via face-to-face meetings on the events, tele-conferences and electronic communication. Decisions are taken by consensus or, where needed, using majority voting.

Main Responsibilities of the SWS International Scientific Committee

The body provides enduring scientific support and helps the development of the principal SWS Conferences and Extended Scientific Sessions in three European countries as ProgramCommittee with members on a rotational basis;

The body guarantees the papers’ quality in the Conference Proceedings and SWS Journals, providing permanent scientific control;

The body guides the development of the scientific criteria for peer review process;

The body reviews the criteria for assessing and selecting the submitted papers each year;

The body supervises the abstract review and selection process and ensures that the process is not only independent but also based on clear pre-defined scientific criteria. If needed, the body does changes in order to enhance the quality and to guarantee transparency;

The body helps external reviewers in the strict peer review process connected to the new Abstract and Manuscript Management System (AMMS);

The body ensures the high quality of the papers in the Scientific Journals and controls the strict peer review process so that the scientific impact factor of the Journals and the citation index of the authors can be increased;

The body appoints members for the Journal’s Editorial Board, on a rotational basis;

The body helps scientists and young talents all over the world with their work in the scope of the SWS Scientific areas, especially when it comes to paper publishing and development;

One of the main duties of the committee members is to provide a forum for sharing experience and knowledge;

The body regularly develops new research proposals for future activities;

The body is always open to expanding the SWS Society with new distinguished scientists working in the field of Earth & Planetary Sciences or in the field of Social Sciences & Arts.

The SWS Scientific Committee is in the process of renewal and expansion throughout the year. Submitting applications for membership of the SWS Scientific Committee indicates implicit agreement with the outlined responsibilities.

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