As every scientist or writer needs one editor to help him elaborate the details of his work, the same way an advisory board is necessity for one modern scientific community. The Scientific Advisory Board consist presenters from our supporting Academies of Science and Arts all over the world.

As every scientist or writer needs one editor to help him elaborate the details of his work, the same way an advisory board is necessity for the scientific community. We are proud to present you two of our most distinguished and respectable members – Dr.habil.art. (PhD) OJĀRS SPĀRĪTIS and Acad. Prof. DSc. VALERIY BONDUR. In the role of our advisors, such experienced and devoted to their work experts, are helping us to reduce the mistakes on the way to make a progress in the fields of Science, Art and their interconnections. The SWS Scientific Committee works via face-to-face meetings on the events, teleconferences, and electronic communication. Decisions are taken by consensus or, where needed, using majority voting. Acceptance of membership into the SWS Scientific Committee or of the Advisory Board membership indicates implicit agreement with the outlined responsibilities.

Advisory board members

  • Dr.habil.art. (PhD) OJĀRS SPĀRĪTIS

    Professor (LMA), President (LZA) Art Academy of Latvia (LMA)
    Academic Qualification: Dr.habil.art. (PhD)
    Academic Position: Professor
    Academic Rank: Academician
    Administrative Rank: Professor (LMA), President (LZA)

    ---- Foreign Member, Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (since 26 April 2016)
    ---- Full Member, Latvian Academy of Sciences (since 2003)
    ---- Corresponding Member, Latvian Academy of Sciences (26 November 1999)
    ---- Professor, Art Academy of Latvia (28 April 1998)
    ---- Dr.habil.art. (24 March 1998)
    ---- Dr.art. (25 November 1997)
    ---- Studies at the Dpt. of Art History and Theory, Art Academy of Latvia (1981-1987)
    ---- Studies at the Faculty of Philology, University of Latvia (1974-1979)

    Professional Activities
    ---- Member of Promotion Councils of the Art Academy of Latvia, Latvia Agriculture University, Rīga Technical University (Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning)
    ---- Member of the Editorial Boards:
    ----- „Landscape, Architecture and Art” (Series of Research Papers, Latvia Agriculture University)
    ------ “Baltic Journal of Art History” (Tartu, Estonia)
    ------ Journal “Energy and the World” (Riga, Latvia)
    Member of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee Theory and Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration

    “France and Latvia are closely linked in their choice in favour of Europe, in their desire to see a strong Europe, a Europe that can protect its citizens and protect itself from external risks”

  • Acad. Prof. DSc. Valeriy Bondur

    Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
    General information
    Acad. Prof. DSc. Valeriy Bondur (born October 28, 1947 ) is Doctor of Technical Sciences (1990), Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the Department of Earth Sciences (2003), Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

    Fields of Research
    The main directions and results of his scientific activities are related to the development of the physical bases of remote sensing and system principles for the construction of complex aerospace systems for the study of the ocean, atmosphere, geological environment, environmental monitoring, environmental management, warning of dangerous natural and man-made processes.

    Honours and Memberships
    He is the Chief editor of the journal “Earth Exploration from Space” of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the deputy editor of the journal “Bulletin of the Earth Sciences Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences”, a member of the editorial board of the Oceanology journal, member of the Bureau of the National Geophysical Committee, member of the working group on the development of the industry of supercomputers and a member of many specialized academic councils.
    V. Bondur created the country's youngest leading scientific school in the field of aerospace research of the Earth. He does a great job by training highly qualified specialists. He prepared 24 candidates of science and 8 doctors of science. Under his leadership were defended more than one hundred and twenty theses. He is one of the founders of the Faculty of Applied Cosmonautics of the Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography, the founder of the Department of Space Monitoring at the Russian State University.

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