Prof. Dr. Pavel Doulík

Prof. Dr. Pavel Doulík, J. E. Purkyne University Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic

The guarantor of general didactics and methodology of pedagogical research at J. E. Purkyne University. The author of two study branches. One of the most important researcher in branch of psycho-didactics (neuro-didactics) and preconcepts in the Czech Republic.
• MAJOR PUBLICATIONS (number of papers, books and etc.)
The author of eight research publications and 53 articles published in scientific journals (e. g. Austria, Germany, Poland, Serbia and Slovakia, 14 matches in Web of Scince), 12 textbooks and exercise books for basic schools.

More Information

Department of Pedagogy and Applied Disciplines, Faculty of Education, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic Publishing activitycorresponds with the placement and research activity as a professional assistant and professor on Department of education, Faculty of Education JEPU in Ústí nad Labem. My publishing activity, that comes (by a great deal) out of myown implemented empiric research studies, isfocusedon problematics of creation, genesis and influence of children concepts (pre-concepts) in various areas of school education (nature sciences, history, art education) and other areas (e.g. children concept of life, family etc.) ofchildren of different ages (from kindergarten to high school). Many other publications are also focused on methodological aspects of research and diagnostics of children concepts (specialization on quantitatively oriented research and creation of tools for practical diagnostics of children concepts). Based on my active participation in a research team dealing with problematics of “Active construction of knowledge”, where I served as an expert ongeneral education and didactic aspects of construction of knowledge, I dedicated many publications to educational constructivism, its practical implementation and management of educational activity as an active construct leading to expansion of pupil’s knowledge. Other area of my publication activity is dealing with preparation of teachers for elementary and high school –educational and psychological preparation, its contentand presence, structure of teacher studies, concept of general didactics and its cooperation with branch oriented didactics. The results are articles in both domestic and international collections, magazines, but also university study texts. Position, development and innovation of general didactics isthe main topic of a big part of my published works, mainly those focused on psychodidactics. Couple of my published works are focused ontoanarea of school management (creation of study texts, publications in area of management, marketing and development of school) and I also pursued the creation of textbooks (including the methodological manuals and exercise books) for elementary schools.

Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic

Science and Science and Science and Research Research
• other project activities under :
-- Czech Science Foundation (GAČR)
---Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR)
--- European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF)
• accent on current topics, quality and knowledge transfer
• national and international cooperation
• amount of 1,5 billion CZK

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