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  • "We are stronger and overcome today's challenges when we are united in the wonderful world of Science and the Arts."

    Prof. Oleksandr M. Trofymchuk

    National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, UKRAINE
    SWS Advisory Board


SGEM WORLD SCIENCE (SWS) Scholarly Society
SWS Scholarly Society give you the chance to be part of this spectacular synergy of science and art! We provide the scientific world with the essential platform where scientists, humanitarians and artists could collaborate and interact. In order to go further in the astonishing journey of knowledge, we should unite our forces and help each other to overcome all limitations, to reach our common goals – truth, better conditions for all the inhabitants of planet Earth and sustainable approaches in every human activity.

Join us and reveal the power of the multidisciplinarity!



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It is time to wake up for the new generation of intelligent green sciences! We should face the needs of our planet and all of her inhabitants – both human beings and animals. The Extended Scientific Sessions SGEM Vienna GREEN are focused on GLOBAL WARMING, CLIMATE CHANGE, CO2 REDUCTION, BIODIVERSITY, AND GREEN TECHNOLOGIES FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. The Sessions are held in a special place, where every green heart beats faster - the greenest capital of Europe, Vienna, Austria. These conference sessions are part from one of the most important world Scientific Conferences on Earth & Planetary Science - SGEM GeoConferences and are held yearly at the Habsburgs residence - the magnificent Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna.
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A magical meeting between Science and Art - the two most beloved children of human civilization. The SWS Scholarly Society hold another amazing meeting between the modern social sciences and the art - SWS Vienna Extended Scientific Sessions on Social Sciences, part of International Scientific Conference on Social Sciences - ISCSS. These sessions cover a selected range of topics in modern social sciences - political sciences, law, finance, psychology, media, design and urban studies, of course - all with a touch of art. The time has come to restore the ancient union between beauty, truth and goodness. Join this special conversation about the art of science and science of art. Welcome to Schönbrunn Palace Vienna!
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Art Meets Science in the magic of the Renaissance Florence. The synergy of Art and Humanities, presented in one unique event - SWS Extended Scientific Sessions "The Magic of the Renaissance", part of the International Scientific Conference on Art & Humanities - ISCAH. The sessions cover a selected range of topics - political sciences, history, philosophy, archaeology, heritage studies, history of art, literature & poetry, language, architecture & design. By transforming what we have learned over the centuries and learning from the mistakes of our ancestors in classicism, analyzing and doubting through criticism, and developing art during the periods from the Ancient Classical Art until the Romanticism, we can change our future and society in one new sustainable world. Welcome to the Renaissance Florence!
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Latest Projects, Books, Workshops...

  • PLATFORM Multi-national network infrastructure

    In partnership with the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) and the SWS Scholarly Society, we introduce you the PLATFORM consortium. The system perspective of this conceptual modeling is important for understanding the complexity and for identifying the feasible steps to improve scenario predictions and decision support.
    Multinational Network Infrastructure
  • Thrive305 Project

    Through this digital platform, Miami artist Xavier Cortada asks you to join him in creating an art piece that captures and shares our collective voices. The artist will incorporate the words participants upload online into the Thrive305 collaborative digital message mural that Mayor Levine Cava will unveil on April 17th at the closing of Thrive305 Civic Week.
    Public Art Project
  • ECPE EU Project

    Publishing the second ECPE book, focused on the issues concerning barriers and obstacles to the phenomenon of prosumerism and self-production and self- consumption of energy. The studies analyze the legal form an energy community could cover inside the national framework, comparing the experiences of different countries both within the EU, both outside Europe /Prof. Lucia Rugerri, Italy
    EU ECPE Project on Prosumerism
  • The Underwater HOA project

    A participatory public art project by environmental artist Prof. Xavier Cortada, University of Miami School of Law. The project aims to generate awareness on rising sea levels, and engage Floridians to take action against climate change by providing a space where homeowners can address its impending impacts.
    Public Art Project on Climate Change
  • Modeling for Project Collaboration

    Conceptual Case-Study: web-based course utilizes conceptual modelling tools to promote system understanding when dealing with complex issues, such as societal resource management where multiple disciplines, stakeholders and processes are involved. It aims to help initiate projects and bring together the actors that can jointly develop strategies for problem definition, appropriate methodology and project opportunities.
    Conceptual Case-Study
  • Dear Earth, I Love You

    "Dear Earth, I love you so, so much. One day, like so many people this past month, I will give you my last breath. But in the meantime, I promise to continue to do everything I can to keep us both alive and thriving." by Chantal Bilodeau - a renown playwright and translator, a pioneer in the sphere of eco theater, called one of "trailblazers who are changing the climate conversation".
    Public Art Project on Climate Change
  • Florida is... Nature

    To commemorate this year's anniversary - Florida 200th, Cortada is continuing his ongoing project "Florida is... Nature", which encourages participants to depict Florida's natural beauty as they find better ways to coexist with nature. The project aims to encourage state-wide audiences to care for Florida's ecosystems.
    Public Eco-Art Project