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Scientific eLibrary Overview

The SGEM online library contains all the papers indexed and published in SGEM conference proceedings (ISSN 1314-2704) from 2001 up to now. For these 19 years we have published 14 993 papers of more than 40 000 authors. The conference proceedings and respectively all the papers are sent for evaluation and indexation in 16 international scientific databases.

It is our pleasure to share this scientific treasure in the field of Earth & Planetary Sciences with all scientists and researches under no conditions!

You could read research works in 28 scientific topics. Feel free to find, collate, and consume the information that you need, which will help you to strengthen your research output in the field of Earth and Planetary Sciences.

Explore the multidisciplinary collection of papers of SWS SGEM, with references and possibilities to export meta data in BibTex format.

Main Features:

Paper Title and Abstract, Year of publication, Type of Publication, Keywords, Volume, Issue, SGEM Book title, Series, Pages, ISBN, ISSN, DOI etc.

Key Benefits:

    • User-friendly interface;
    • Searching by Type of publication, Authors, Year and Research areas;
    • Filter by word/s;
    • Author’s rank by Hits/Citations;
    • Export in the full BibTex format according Scientific standards;

New Features / coming soon:

  • Every author will have Citation Index – from who from the full set articles the author have been cited;
  • Every author could check his/him impact factor from some international Databases, like CrossRef etc.


The SGEM online Earth and Planetary Sciences eLibrary is for free use by all members of Academies and Universities that are SGEM Scientific Supporters or CoOrganizers.
Individual researchers could check  and read paper's metadata for free.
Access to the full text of the papers is option / paid service.

Now the SGEM eLibrary consists papers from the last two years – 2018 and 2017, but we are working hard and very soon all the rest papers will be included and visible online.

Earth & Planetary Science (EPS)