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SGEM WORLD SCIENCE (SWS) Society was officially established in 2016, as an International Society of Scientists and Researches in the field of two main scientific divisions – “Earth & Planetary Sciences” and “Social Sciences & Art”, with the scientific support of many Universities, Academies of Sciences, Research centers and Institutions.

Back in time

Our scientific adventure started back in 2001, when the first International Scientific Conference “Surveying, Geology, Environment and Management” (SGEM in short), was held. The 1st SGEM Conference covers 5 scientific topics, all in the fields of geology and mining. The forum gathered at about 50 scientists from 7 countries for 3 days. There were 75 oral presentations and papers published in one conference proceedings.

We are proud that, since then, year after year the scientific impact of SGEM events and papers are growing more and more.

Growing up

These annual events naturally turned into multidisciplinary international conferences.
Now the conference scientific division “Earth & Planetary Science” have 28 scientific topics in the fields of GeoSciences, with extended special section in the field of Planetary Sciences.

The Earth & Planetary Sciences International Scientific Committee has grown through the years as well.
We truly cherish and appreciate every member! Thank you all!
Тhe Committee members are distinguished scientists from top world Universities and Academies of Sciences and cover the main 6 Scientific Sections of Earth and Planetary Sciences. The Committee is doing their best to have more and more highly evaluated papers and make their authors visible in the International Scientific world, and in the same time giving the floor to young researchers – Students/PhD to scientifically grow up, to show their worth and give them the needed confidence to go on!

Next step

In 2013, as a natural and desirable expansion of the spectrum of sciences, was established the second scientific direction – “Social Sciences & Art” together with the respectful  International Scientific Committee of new distinguished scientists in these areas.
2014 was established and held the 1st SGEM Conference on Social Sciences and Art. Nowadays, this is the second main Scientific division “Social Sciences & Arts”, covering 28 scientific topics. An event that has become multidisciplinary in its filed as well.
Today the activities of SWS Society successfuly combine many sceintific activities as follow:
 Two Multidisciplinary Scientific Conferences, held annually in 3 EU countries;
 More than 23 000 papers evaluated from most important scientific databases
  More than 500 published issus of conference proceedings for 18 years;
 Online Scientific Libraries with full functionality for scientific bibliographic database;
 SWS Scientific Journals in 2 divisions “Earth & Planetary Sciences” and “Social Sciences and Art”
 Annual support of young talents in Science and Art
Welcome and be our partner! Enjoy the magical symbiosis of all fields of SCIENCE! Understand how scientists can enrich your research experience - no matter if you are devoted to “Earth & Planetary Sciences” or “Social Sciences & Art”.


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