SWS Society Vision
Together we can be more stronger!
We can help you to go even further and your research will touch the next new horizons.
By providing a platform for multidisciplinary knowledge and sharing of experience in the field of Earth & Planetary Sciences and Social Sciences & Art, we are trying to incorporate and strengthen the capacity of scientists and researchers for facing the challenges of our time.
We believe that the role of multidisciplinary approach is crucial as we are living in a complex world with many interconnections between science and art, therefore by giving opportunities for future cooperation and emphasizing the role of multidisciplinary approaches, we can make a step forward in solving the environmental and social problems in local, regional and global scale.
We provide the best platform not only for latest findings in science and art, but furthermore we rise respective discussions. We are convinced that only together, we can build “our common future”. The future in which our children will live!

Protecting the Nature

Following the recommendations by Brundtland (1987), we are working to define shared perceptions of long-term environmental issues and we are constantly seeking for the exact tool to solve successfully all problems of protecting and improving the environment.

The Key role of Science

After all, the environment is where we all live and in order to keep the opportunities for good life for future generations, we must not compromise their ability to meet their own needs.
We need to recognize the key-role that SCIENCE and ART play together in understanding how to solve these problems.
Isn't it enough good reason for SWS Society to focus its work on encouraging dialogue and communication among scientists around the world.


An Incredible Experience for Top Scientists & Young Scholars