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SWS Journal of Earth & Planetary Sciences (EPS Journal) and SWS Journal on Social Sciences & Art (SSA Journal) are quarterly interdisciplinary peer-reviewed academic research journals, published online in Vienna, Austria by SGEM WORLD SCIENCE (SWS) Scholarly Society.

The global objectives of each Journal are to publish original and novel scientific articles, dedicated to the main innovative scientific areas of the main scientific divisions - Geosciences and Social Sciences and Art, as well as to contribute to the public good, wishing to ensure that the present conditions will not compromise the ability of future generations to live in one better, sustainable world. The Journals are issued both online and on paper and are completely open-access, thereby aspiring to facilitate communication among scientists from all around the world and encourage individual researchers to publish their scientific work.

The SWS Scientific eJournals aim to establish a worldwide open-access forum for discussing and sharing scientific theories, methods and experiments. The increasing amounts of data collected throughout the globe these days have ambiguous qualities. We witness a state of abundance of information and technological improvements - however, all the scientific fields are so specified in their own area, that they can hardly understand and exploit each other’s achievements. We believe that the future of our planet depends on our mutual efforts and interdisciplinary cooperation. We welcome submissions on a wide range of Earth and Planetary Sciences, as well as of Social Sciences and Art.

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Social Sciences & Art Scientific Journal
(SSA) / Open Access

Social Sciences & Art Scientific Journal (SSA)

ISSN: 2664-0104 (online)
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SWS Journal of Social Sciences and Art is focused on the SOCIAL DIMENSIONS OF AGENDA 2030 in front of one UNCOMPROMISED, ECOLOGICAL and SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.
The scope comprises a broad selection of presentations, studies, and research papers in the main branches of Social Sciences and Art, focusing on human behaviour and society, as well as on human beings and their culture.
We believe that Science and the Arts should unite their forces in order to raise global awareness of the most important contemporary issue – the behaviour of our civilization towards other species and nature as a whole.

Earth & Planetary Sciences Journal
(EPS) / Open Access

Earth & Planetary Sciences Journal (EPS)

ISSN: 2664-0090 (online)

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The global objectives are to propose potential solutions to problems related to planetary changes.
We hope to contribute to integrating environmental consideration into the decision-making process and to ensure that the present consumption of resources will not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

We believe that human beings should consider the fact that we are not alone on this planet, therefore, we must exploit the scientific efforts and innovations in favour of the environment, biodiversity and humankind as part of it all.
Let's follow and be sustainable in every aspect!

We welcome everyone who wants to enjoy the magical symbiosis of Science and Art! Become our partner, enrich your research experience and reap the benefits of extensive cooperation between distinguished scientists from all around the world.