What we must know

The SWS Society works with a network of Academies and Universities and actively engages its international members, demonstrating the benefits of international science collaboration and solutions to related challenges.

The Society, with its diverse membership of more than 15,000 scientists in the arts, humanities, social sciences, earth and planetary sciences, is well positioned to express the reason why the international scientific partnership is important for all of us in world-wide, and to recommend ways to overcome barriers to the success of such cooperation. The growing diversity of the international scientific membership is an important asset for this initiative.

Our partners are mainly academics of science, universities, science centers, art galleries, museums and other research institutions. The academies of science and art are our honorary partners who have officially accepted the invitation for international cooperation in 2013 or 2014 year (for each academy it is noted when and who has adopted a partnership). The partnership with academies and universities includes the participation of distinguished scientists, workshops, keynote speakers as well as special student and PhD sessions for students in these fields. In 2019, we also opened our new scientific online library, which brings together over 25,000 scientific peer reviewed papers in the fields of Earth and Planetary Sciences as well as in the field of Social Sciences and Art, which can be used by all our partners without limitations. Below are listed the SWS honored scientific partners - Academies of Sciences and Art together with additional information about the exact year and the name of the representative from the respective Academies, who has accepted this partnership.

We welcome everyone who wants to enjoy the magical symbiosis of all fields of Science! Become our partner and enrich your research experience in cooperation with other scientists no matter if you are devoted to “Earth & Planetary Sciences” or “Social Sciences, Humanities & Arts”.